Wash care

Wash care

Adah is born out of a love for weaves, prints and dyes. 

We make each garment with a lot of love & care and when we pass it on to you, we pass a piece of our heart with it.

For you to keep the piece fresh for a longer time and care for it in the best way possible, keeping the the garment & the environment in mind, here are a few tips:

• Hand wash your handloom, handlooms are delicate weaves and machines can loosen/displace these weaves. Dipping it in a bucket of water and gently rubbing and washing your handloom ensures longer life.

• Use mild detergent, make sure not to make your handloom face the wrath of chemical filled detergents.

• Direct sunlight is not required for these garments, just dry them in shade where there is a flow of wind. This will easily dry these breezy cottons.

• Believe it or not, I don't need to iron my handlooms. I stretch the garment properly, dry them, fold them properly and put them in the cupboard - this avoids wrinkles and ironing. Shirts, however, do require ironing, and a low temperature iron pressure is enough. Mild steam iron also works perfectly fine.