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When you shop from us you support ethical practices, you support the planet and you support a small business!

A conscious brand that cares for the people and the planet.

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We also customize!!!

There is something for everyone here at Adah

Most of our garments are customizable to all sizes. You can even increase/decrease the length of the garment and attach/remove sleeves according to your comfort and style.

How to place a custom order

  • Hand block prints

    An entirely machine-free process where carved wooden blocks and dipped in dye and printed at equal intervals onto fabric. Fully handmade? Yes.

  • Ikat

    An intricate method involving tie-dyeing yarn precisely before weaving into magical cloth that’s always comfortable and always pretty. That’s why we love it.

  • Hanspun cotton

    Few things compare to the beauty of cloth that’s been handspun on a manual loom. This luxurious weave lets skin truly breathe, so you can.

  • Wrigleys Ikat shirt

    Absolutely loved this shirt. Great fit, comfy fabric and wonderful vibrant color!
    It's a must buy!

    - Sneha, Mumbai

  • Boomer Ikat shirt

    Beautiful shirt & the fabric feel is so comfy! Loved it’s fit and the colour

    - Harshita

  • Hajmola Ikat shirt

    What a unique color and the fabric quality is unbelievable, it's my go-to shirt for all occassions!

    - Akruti

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